Our Demands of the Syrian Revolution

The current revolutionary movement in Syria should look into the future for its ideal, instead of copying the beaten, forespent systems of governance. As such, we have the following demands of the Syrian revolution as it implements its goal of bringing down Assad’s regime and builds a new governance:

• Democracy. The unconditional freedom of opinion, expression, assembly, press, protests, strikes, organization, unions and organized political activities.

• A secular government. Complete separation of religion from the government, judicial system, and education, and these from each other.

• Complete freedom of having or not having religion. Recognition of religious belief as a private matter and an individual’s right.

• Full equality of sexes. Corollary to this demand is abolition of gender discrimination.

• Recognition of equal rights under the law for all citizens, and implementation of everything which recognition of equal rights requires.

• Economic and social justice and a modern welfare system covering each and every citizen.

• Immediate payment of unpaid salaries of workers. Economic compensation to all dissidents or their immediate families for those who have been imprisoned tortured or executed by the Assad family regime over the past 40 years.

• Immediate disassembling of the multiple layers and entities of the state’s repressive security forces and their affiliates; Intelligence Ministry; and all other tools of oppression.

• Immediate release of all political prisoners. There shall be no political prisoners in a REAL democratic Syria. Mere existence of political prisoners indicates fundamental lack of real democracy.

• Abolition of death penalty. The death penalty is an act of terrorism, and the immediate victim of this barbaric act is always the society.

• Apprehension and public prosecution according to international laws and conventions, observed by the international community, of all those responsible for mass murder , genocide, executions, assassinations, imprisonments, tortures and rapes over the last 40 years. These include all from the hangman to the security forces, lawmakers and judges.

• Confiscation of resources and property looted by government-sanctioned thieves, to be returned to the people.



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