The initiators of this site are Ahmad Fatemi and Maria Rohaly, activists with the organization Mission Free Iran, which made the decision to politically support the Syrian peoples’ revolution.

We do this by articulating our demands of the international community in terms of how it should respond to the revolution in Syria; by articulating our demands of the Syrian revolution in terms of their contribution to a world that demands freedom, equality and a humane society; by raising awareness about political prisoners in Syria and urging their immediate and unconditional release; and by participating in various protest actions in support of the Syrian peoples’ struggle for freedom.

It must be noted that the political prisoner profile information is based on the extensive and painstaking work of Dr. Mohja Kahf. We greatly respect the work that she has done in this regard. Our use of her work does not imply her endorsement of this site.



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25 September Protest at Embassy of Syria, Washington DC

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