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Take Action! Two Brothers, Muhammad and Annas Alian, Held Incommunicado by Regime in Syria since Summer 2011 – Demand Their Release!

About Muhammad and Annas Alian: Two brothers from Daraya — Muhammad Alian, age 18, and Annas Alian, age 25 and a father of a little girl — have been detained by Air Force Security since the summer of 2011. In late May, 2011, Annas agreed to participate in “dialogue” with a regime representative sent to … Continue reading

Son Taken Prisoner as Father Released – Take Action for Suhaib Al-Ammar!

About Suhaib Al-Ammar: Born on 25 November 1989, Suhaib Al-Ammar is a 21-year-old nonviolence activist and university student. He is the son of nonviolence teacher and recently-released political prisoner Dr. Mouhammad Al-Ammar and Fatima Saleh Hariri of Namar, Dara Province. Suhaib is a political prisoner in Syria. On Friday, 18 November 2011, Suhaib was on … Continue reading

Take Action! Demand Release of Qusay Muhamad Abdulrahman, Student and Political Prisoner Held Incommunicado in Syria

About Qusay Muhamad Abdulrahman: Qusay Muhamad Abdulrahman is a resident of the Naziheen (Displaced Persons) Camp, Dara (“naziheen” in the Syrian context are generally those displaced by the Israeli occupation of the Golan Heights). He was arrested by Military Intelligence at his father’s shop in Basri Square, Dara city and imprisoned on 5 October 2011. … Continue reading

Take Action! Demand Release of Raji Jawabra, Student and Political Prisoner Held Incommunicado in Syria

About Raji Jawabra: Raji Jawabra is originally from Dara. A student, he graduated near the top of his class in 2010 with a degree in communication technology and is working on his masters degree. His cell phone and the cell phone of his sister Dana Al Jawabra were confiscated when he was detained on 7 … Continue reading

Take Action! Demand Father of 5 & Political Prisoner Muhammad AboZayd Be Returned to His Family!

About Muhammad AboZayd: Muhammad Hasan AboZayd’s five children want him back home. Also known to his friends as “Mustafa” and “Abu Muhammad,” he is from Daraya’s nonviolence activist group. He was imprisoned 11 August 2011 by Air Force Intelligence, after a protest that began at Annas bin Malik Mosque in Daraya. Muhammad AboZayd was one … Continue reading

Take Action! Demand Release of Husam Uzayel, Poet, Student, and Political Prisoner in Syria

About Husam Uzayel: Husam is a 23-year-old poet and a student of economics in his junior year at university. His last name in Arabic is spelled غزيل . Husam was imprisoned in Damascus on 5 October 2011. His family and friends have not able to contact him since. Like most political prisoners in Syria, he … Continue reading

Take Action! Demand Release of Abdul-Akraim Siqa, Religious Scholar and Political Prisoner in Syria – Held Incommunicado

About Abdul-Akraim Siqa: Abdul-Akraim Siqa is a religious scholar from Daraya, a town of 180,000 in the Damascus countryside. He is known for teaching non-violence to Daraya youth. Abdul-Akraim has been in prison since 15 July 2011, and his family has not been allowed to communicate with him since. No arrest warrant was issued and … Continue reading

Take Action! Demand Release of Tareq Saeed Belshe, Political Prisoner Held Incommunicado in Syria

About Tareq Saeed Belshe: Tareq Saeed Belshe is 31 years old and a resident of Syria’s coastal city of Latakia. Tareq was arbitrarily arrested and detained on 19 Augest 2011. No charges have been filed, yet in early September, he appeared on Syrian television where he was forced to “confess,” most likely under torture. As … Continue reading

Take Action! Demand Release of Zaid Ismail, 19-Year-Old Student and Political Prisoner Held Incommunicado in Syria

About Zaid Ismail: Born in 1992 in Latakia, Zaid is a student in the city of Homs at Baath College. He was imprisoned on 4 August 2011 and is being held incommunicado in an unknown location. Nothing more is known. Young prisoners who are not well known or do not have a high profile are … Continue reading

مأزق الثورة في سوريا

مأزق الثورة في سوريا بقلم : يوسف خليل 9 نوفمبر 2011 ترجمة: أشرف عمر تم نشر المقال لأول مرة في 3 نوفمبر 2011، بجريدة العامل الاشتراكي الإلكترونية الأمريكية، تصدرها منظمة الاشتراكيين الأمميين بالولايات المتحدة. تجتاز الثورة اليوم في سوريا شهرها الثامن من دون أن يحرز أي من الأطرافالمتصارعة نصراً حاسماً على الآخر، وعلى الرغم مما يسببه القمع … Continue reading

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